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Ihre Spenden fließen zu 100 % in die Projekte.
Sämtliche Verwaltungskosten und sonstige Kosten werden durch hierfür bestimmte zusätzliche Spenden von Vereinsmitgliedern oder Förderern des Freundeskreises Nepal e.V. finanziert.

Medical Care

The main objective of our doctors' team is the promotion of a basic medical care.

This comprises the following:
- joint consulting hours together with the medical staff in Nepal during our visits
- the financing of monthly consulting hours in Karthali and
- emergency treatment.

In some individual cases this may mean the procurement and financing of surgical operations and the ensuing treatments.
For 11 year old Kamal, who, after suffering from Meningitis, developed a malformation of one of his feet (as well as other disabilities), we were able to organise and finance the necessary operations and the ensuing treatments. He has successfully recovered from the operations and can now walk! Now he is attending school for the first time and is learning to read and write.

Every year during our annual visits, our team of doctors do a tremendous amount of work! They hold consulting hours in Naikap and in Karthali almost till they drop!

The following report provides an overview of the most common diseases and their causes:
The most common diseases result from the people's living conditions.

1. Poverty
This means, for example, inadequate food and water, as well in terms of quantity as quality.
A frequent disease: Gastritis (mostly chronic)

2. Alcoholism
(as a result of the lack of hope caused by poverty), chronic alcoholic gastritis and a lack of vitamin B12 and the consequences.

3. Water Pollution
Chronic diarrhoea and often severe chronic inflammation of the intestines

4. Insufficient Hygiene Worm infestations
Secondarily infected wounds and eczema

5. Open fire places in the houses (especially in the Community and in Karthali)
Chronic obstructive bronchitis and bronchial asthma

6. Heavy Physical Work
Chronic back pain.
Head and neck pain (often caused by overwork/ arthrosis of the head joint, as people often carry heavy loads with head belts).
Theoretically the people in Naikap can receive emergency medical care in the public hospitals in Kathmandu. However, for that they would need approx. 120 to 150 Rupees (= 1,20 to 1,50 €) for the consultation fee for the medical examination, and enough money for transport costs and for the prescribed medication.
This means that most people who come to us do not have any alternative way of receiving any medical care whatsoever.


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